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What's New 3-3-23


Uchis most immersive project yeta bottomless plunge into the waters of love and loss. The fluid groove of Blue feels like a Sade B-side, while Love Between weaves doo-wop nostalgia into crystalline romantic reverie. Often, its her smoldering voice that holds all the dreaminess together. Its never maximalist, always utilitarian, molded to fit revenge and desire in equal measure.

Metal Blade

Technical Death Metal is a notoriously crowded arena which is why its exciting to see a band like Entheos ascend by becoming a wholly more progressive and experimental entity. No longer needing to compromise their vision, the increased diversity in almost every facet has only seen this band grow exponentially into an exciting and creative force. The more tantalizing aspect is that they can go even further.


Four master collaborators at the peak of their craft with near-telepathic cohesion. Silver Saturdays features 10 new songs that pay homage to a 25-year journey. All four members lend their distinctive vocals. Their concise, meticulously crafted songwriting is interwoven with Lebos soaring acoustic-electric guitar. Gills tasty keyboard comping and Adams bass groove married to Lipps rhythmic flourishes.


The third solo album from the Seattle native, rapper and songwriter best known as one-half of duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Includes "Chant (featuring Tones And I), "Faithful" (featuring NLE Choppa), "Heroes" (featuring DJ Premier considered one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time), and "Maniac" (featuring Windsor). *Available on Indie Exclusive vinyl with alternate cover*

Big Loud

The 36-song mega collection brings together Wallens many musical influences including country, alternative and hip-hop, and features with country bigwigs Eric Church, Hardy and Ernest. Of the hefty length, Wallen says, there are 36 songs on this album because we just kept exploring with fresh lyrics, music and production ideas and these are the songs that felt right to me.

Kill Rock Stars

Over the course of the record traversing between oddball dance-punk and noise pop, Gallo shares detailed anecdotes and takes on male entitlement, the age of anxiety, apathy vs. action, narcissism, retail therapy, xenophobia, the dread of future generations, right wing extremists in giant pickup trucks, capitalism, and climate change. its the opposite of background music - unavoidable, urgent, in your face.

Thirty Tigers

Alabama native Drayton Farley has as honest a voice as you're likely to hear in this burgeoning scene of country, folk, roots, and Americana music we're all wrapped up in. He sings as deeply about the love he holds as the love he's lost and there's something so broken-in and comfortable about that Southern inflection that every song feels like coming home.

Blue Note

Drummer and composer Kendrick Scott returns with his first compositional treatment of trio context: saxophone, bass, and drums. Corridors unveils an exposed rumination from the Houston-born artist and his acclaimed collaborators: saxophonist Walter Smith III and bassist Reuben Rogers. Born during the pandemic lockdown, the record focuses on posing outward questions instead of inward contemplation.


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