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  • What's New 12-2-22


    "As long as I can remember I wanted to make a record with my dad,” Billy Strings says. This is a collection of 14 classics that Billy and his dad, Terry Barber, know like the back of their hands. It's the music that made Billy the musician and human he is today. It represents a lifelong goal finally achieved and a way for the Grammy-winning musician to honor the man who taught him how to play guitar.

    Atomic Fire

    Netherland's symphonic metal legends Epica release their most diverse release to date, offering not only their typical bombastic operatic hymns with sing-along-chorus, but also proggy melodic death moments, saxophone solos, haunting lullabies with 3 world-famous female singers, and even the heaviest death metal track that the band has ever recorded!


    Clocking in almost four decades, the Grammy-nominated Swedish epic doom legends are still one of the heaviest metal bands on earth. Reunited with original vocalist Johan Langquist, the band around founding member Leif Edling finds its way back to its roots and finally delivers the long awaited, earth-shaking new full-length album, Sweet Evil Sun.


    Recorded live at the studio with the rough edges left in gives World Record a sense of urgency — no time to clean up, there’s a climate to save/war to stop - as do the songs’ instant familiarity. There’s a first-take feel, which Crazy Horse is known for, and a whole lot of background harmonies, which they’re not. Produced by Rick Rubin.


    Swimming in a slew of neo-soul beats and transparent lyrics about self-love and sex, Age/Sex/Location is exclusively for the grown and sexy. The album bursts with soul as Lennox takes listeners through the ups and downs of a romantic relationship that ultimately carries her to choose herself. Available on “Sea Blue” colored vinyl.


    The Flaming Lips’ masterpiece, featuring the iconic song “Do You Realize?” turns the big two-oh. The special 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 6 CD box set includes the original album, two EPs from the era, B-sides, demos, remixes, radio sessions, two concerts, and other assorted rarities. There are 100 tracks on the CD box set, of which over 50 are previously unreleased.

    Third Man

    Southeast of Saturn’s second volume expands upon the Michigan-centric aural delights purveyed on Vol. 1’s space-rock/shoegaze/dream pop scene of the ‘90s by including groups from throughout the Midwest. Vol. 2 works to cement the Midwest's status as a breeding ground for the hazed-out subgenres, which more famously burgeoned in the UK.


    A theatrical body of work that takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. When asked to describe in three words, Ponthier chose “honest, country, and organic.” From start to finish, the collection of songs shows her experience realizing that “saying your problems out loud can be more relieving and empowering.”

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  • Now Hear This! - December 2022

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Music Releases 12-02-22

Artist Title Price
The Beach Boys Sail On Sailor [Super Deluxe 5LP+7in EP] New Vinyl: $179.98
A Beautiful Noise Original Broadway Cast A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical New CD: $13.99
NOFX Double Album New CD: $13.98
Quelle Chris Deathfame [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Black Marble LP] New Vinyl: $26.98
White Lung Premonition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Orange Crush LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
Sufjan Stevens Fourth of July [Limited Edition Opaque Red Vinyl 7in] New Vinyl: $13.98
Backstreet Boys A Very Backstreet Christmas [LP] New Vinyl: $26.98
Jamiroquai High Times: The Singles 1992-2006 [2LP] New Vinyl: $41.98
Yusuf / Cat Stevens Catch Bull At Four [LP] New Vinyl: $29.99
Jin (BTS) The Astronaut [VERSION 01] New CD: $19.98
F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm 2x1=4 [LP] New Vinyl: $33.98
The White Buffalo Year Of The Dark Horse [Limited Edition Gray LP] New Vinyl: $29.99
Solomon Burke Don't Give Up On Me: 20th Anniversary Edition [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition Red 2LP] New Vinyl: $31.98
Ultravox Rage In Eden: 40th Anniversary Edition [Deluxe Clear 4LP] New Vinyl: $74.98
Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society: 10th Anniversary Edition [2LP] New Vinyl: $39.98
Supercell Live Vol. 1 New CD: $13.98
Montparnasse Musique Archeology [LP] New Vinyl: $25.98
Queensryche Frequency Unknown: Deluxe [Purple 2LP] New Vinyl: $37.98
The Staves Dead & Born & Grown: 10th Anniversary [Recycled LP] New Vinyl: $24.98
Amberian Dawn Take A Chance - A Metal Tribute To ABBA New CD: $14.98
Sylvie Sylvie [Indie Exclusive Limited Edition CD] New CD: $15.98
Micah P. Hinson I Lie to You [LP] New Vinyl: $19.98
Robbie Williams Life Thru A Lens [Clear LP] New Vinyl: $29.99
Neil Young Harvest: 50th Anniversary Edition [2LP/7in/2DVD Box Set] New Vinyl: $149.98

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